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This page complements our public website by providing a place for members of the Global Lives Collective to work together to execute the project. On this page we collaborate on documents, plan future shoots, and discuss the progress of the project.

NEW - Mission Statement - Why are you involved in the Project??? Open for contributions!

Latest Project News - Updated Dec 1, 2006

How to Tape Someone for 24 Hours - A written guide designed to accompany the 9-minute video guide soon to be on the web.

Still photography at the shoot - tips on doing stills the day of the shoot

Assembling a local crew

Equipment needed to do a Global Lives shoot

The Life Story Interview - Sample questions and things to be sure to ask all subjects

Global Lives Post-Production Requirements - How to complete your Global Lives Shoot

Global Lives Library

Completed shoot reports: San Francisco; São Paulo

Status of shoots in progress: Maharastra, India; Sulawesi, Indonesia