Doing a Global Lives Project shoot can involve anywhere from two people (example: San Francisco) to a dozen or more (this is planned for Brazil). As a general rule, it is best to not have more than two people following the subject at any time, as this can be excessively disruptive to the person's life and make them not want you to follow them anymore.

Team member positions list planned for Brazil shoot (May 2006):

General jobs:

  • Executive Producer (responsible for oversight of all logistical and technical aspects of the shoot, coordinating teams, planning out day's schedule, coordinating equipment, tapes, batteries, vehicle(s), transport of crew members, etc.)
  • [Assistant Producer/Executive Producer - optional]

Individual Teams (3 or 4 teams, each team shooting 4 to 10 hours, structure can be modified to fit needs of each part of day/night)

  • Cameraperson/Director #1 (most experienced, or "lead" camera)
  • Cameraperson/Director #2 (heirarchy optional here)
  • [Director - optional; camerapeople can also be own directors]
  • Technical Assistant/Cameraperson #3 (makes sure that tapes, camera batteries, mic batteries are always ready and charged)
  • Still photographer (could this also be included in Tech Asst./Cam #3?)
  • Producer/General Coordinator (stays mostly with support vehicle, link between shooting team and the vehicle, coordinates route, organizes food for teams, makes sure nothing goes wrong)
  • Driver
  • [Security - optional depending on risk level]

--Dave Harris 17:47, 14 April 2006 (UTC)